FitKids Education and Training Pvt. Ltd. is India's premier company providing complete solutions in Sports & Physical Education, Creative Movement, S.T.E.M. and Career Counselling for children from Kindergarten to Grade 12. The programmes are holistic and age appropriate for school students and are designed to to keep them active, fit and creative. From making physical activity fun to developing their creative quotient, providing them with experiential learning opportunities and guiding them in making the smartest career choices, FitKids prepares students for excellence in academics as well as facing life challenges in the 21st century.

Our core belief is that we see children as capable and valuable citizens of the larger community. When children begin to feel that respect, they soar to meet their potential. Stemming primarily from belief, the child is always treated as an equal partner and collaborator in the learning process and is personally responsible for his or her contribution as a respectful, caring and attentive member of the community.

Each of us at Fitkids follows a strict code of conduct both in the external environment of the school we operate in, as well as in our internal office environment.