Innovation is a way of life at FitKids.

Over the past year we have been involved in continuous research and have two absolutely brand new products to showcase.

The first of these is AssessEd - an absolutely revolutionary way of providing continuous assessments of a child's skill and learning, pointing the way to the child's potential in the future. This as opposed to the traditional one time, dipstick methodology of a test that hurriedly bundles the child into a slot, that in turn 'declares' the child to be fit for a career in a specific area or a particular set of courses that would perhaps get him somewhere.

AssessEd is a platform that aims at redefining the way we conduct student assessments. It lets teachers easily set question papers, correct them, and generate instant meaningful reports. The tool covers Math, Environmental Studies, Science and English across grades 3- 10.

Teachers have access to a rich bank of questions that will help set question papers. Each question has been crafted by subject matter experts and tagged to various difficulty levels. The correction process is simplified with the help of pre-loaded solutions and a score management system.

Both Parents and Teachers can gain from the reports, as it tracks individual and class progress, pinpointing exact areas that needs to be addressed and that can be further excelled in.

In a nutshell, AssessEd allows students to progress from the level they are at. By providing continuous evaluation and tracking progress over years, the platform clearly showcases student strengths and interests and as stated earlier, helps make wise education and career choices.


Following up quickly on the heels of the DiscoverEd programme we are proud to introduce DiscoverEd Jr. - the programme for children from Grades 3-5. (DiscoverEd is for children in grades 6-8). DiscoverEd Jr. is a programme that aims to offer, upskill, evaluate and document a child's ability to work in a multidisciplinary, theme based environment.While humans love to categorise knowledge in segments, nature remains firmly agnostic to the same. Therefore, a discussion on any aspect of life leads a child into different directions, making them study its history, the science behind it, its role in our current society, how it is valued in different cultural and economic contexts, etc.

And while experts love to focus on questions specific to their domains (of science, math, language, arts or humanities), the true spirit of being human is to look at and engage with nature as a whole.

Through this programme, we celebrate the interconnectedness of life, where all domains fuse into one. Learning is graduated and focuses on different learner profiles. It is rigorous, relevant and ensures that every student observes carefully, thinks holistically and develops a problem solving approach.

Parents benefit from the programme as learning is documented across the three years in a way that showcases student progress and aptitude. It allows focus on fields that the learner is inherently good at, and areas he can work on improving. This way, the right potential is unleashed and learners enjoy discovering more with their own skillsets.

The ultimate aim of DiscoverEd Jr. is to foster a deep love for exploring the world around them, and allows simultaneous development of their concepts, skills, attitudes and values across different domains that help them in doing so.

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